Egberto Almenas writes mostly on the insightful endeavors of literature and the visual arts. Venues worldwide often publish his contributions. From midafternoon to dusk, he doubles as a street portrait artist in French beret and scarf attire.

Art Capsules: The Contemporary Art Scene in Central Florida and Beyond (Maine: Shanti Arts Publishing, 2014) features among his latest books in English. Click here for a quick sampling in a single basket of his articles in Spanish on the web. For additional information about his publications, please contact ELF Creative Workshop.

This blog rescues a selection of his articles once posted and then lost in cyberspace. Now conveniently gathered, reformatted, and again click-accessible, they tackle literary topics mottled by converging forays on the deep reaches and riches achieved as well by other disciplines and passions.

A grateful note on the illustrations: The Swiss-German artist Paul Klee (1879-1940) single-handily headdresses each article in this blog with a piece of his prolific output. Various accredited sources supply the photos embedded in the body of some of the texts.